Short Stories

the centipede

there once was a centipede who lived under a rock. the centipede was born under the rock and had never left from beneath it. he knew all the other insects and creatures that shared the rock space. he was acclimated to the environment; knew how to survive; no big surprises came his way. 
one day, while trecking through the mud, a terrible rumbling shook the whole community. the rock community hoped it was only an earthquake, but it was much worse. before the community could brace themselves, a great light cracked the darkness and blinded the earthdwellers. the light shone down from the heavens so bright that it warmed the centipede. a huge giant soon stood blocking this sunlight. this giant was a 6 year old boy. The boy giant crouched down and stared at the centipede. the centipede scurried around in circles looking for somewhere to hide. he saw the rock he once lived under was now a great distance away. frantic, the centipede tried to bury himself in the dirt. but the boy giant took a stick and started poking him. the centipede tried to resist, but was overpowered by the giant. he knew he would be stabbed to death if he didn’t take action. so he crawled onto the stick as quickly as possible. the stick was lifted into the stratosphere as the centipede held on for dear life. when the movement stopped, the centipede opened his eyes. he cringed as he saw the giant’s eye only a few centimeters from him. he saw the giant’s huge mouth and thought the giant was going to eat him. the giant examined the centipede carefully for what seemed an eternity. then, in the most violent moment of the centipede’s life, the giant rared back and flicked the stick causing the centipede to catapult into the air. the centipede lost all control of his faculties and tried desperately to control himself. With all his legs reaching out for something to cling to, the centipede flew through the air like his insect cousins. he flew so long it seemed like he circled the earth twice. finally he crashed down and tumbled through blades of grass. he lay there in pain, and with 26 broken legs. he was dizzy, but finally regained a sense of where he was. he refocused his vision and, without even having a chance to take a breath, saw a terrible giant flying creature swooping down upon him. it was a bluebird. he tried to get out of the way, but was in such pain that he could barely move. so the bluebird ate him.


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